Oh ! my God story NO. 23
Yasuto Nishitani


The woman's age (Taboo No 1)


There are some taboos in America that you never do.
Especially, there's one that you have to be careful about.
You never ask woman's age.
That act is an Invasion of a person's privacy.

As a palm reader, this is very difficult.
So I have to be brave when I ask woman's age in my reading,
If you don't mind would you tell me how old you are?

But there are some women who say no.
I can't say any more.  It's hard.
Astrology and direction readers will give up, too.
You can't read anything if you don't have the date of their birth.

This is like saying
 "don't never touch my body" when she needs to have her blood pressure taken.

Oh ! my God

Well, do American men get marry with women without knowing their age?

age=年齢 (The woman's age:女性の年齢)  never=決して〜ない  
Especially,=特に have to =必要な  careful=注意  
Invasion=侵害、侵入   a person's privacy=人のプライバシー  
a palm reader=手相家  difficult=困る、難しい  So=だから
brave=勇敢な(have to be brave: 勇気がいる)  reading=鑑定
If you don't mind=もし宜しければ  any more=もうそれ以上なにも
It's hard=辛いですね  Astrology and direction readers =占星術と方位学の占い師  
the date of their birth=生年月日   like =のような  

blood pressure taken.=血圧を測る  Well, =やれやれ  
without knowing =知る事なしに (without knowing their age:彼女たちの年も分からずに)