Oh ! my God story NO. 22
Yasuto Nishitani


New York is the paradise for dogs

The dogs live with their owners with friendship in New York.
Many dogs are taking a walk with their owners in the city.
There are many apartments in America where you can have dogs.
Dogs are OK in my apartments, too.

I often see dogs in the elevator.
All dogs are faithful to their owners and they are good.

By the way, I saw a woman at 60's who looked exactly like her dog.
Especially the dog's cheek and her cheek looked the same.
When I saw them sitting on the bench together,  
 I didn't know which one was the dog and which one was the woman.

Then I realized something.
Every dog has the same face as the owner.
I think they start to look like each other than having the same face.

People say a husband and wife start to look like each other.
Their face look the same
 because they live and think at the same wave length.

If that is true, a dog and the owner will be the same.
Oh ! my God.

If you have a bulldog, you have to be very careful.

the paradise for dogs=犬たちの楽園  an owner=:飼い主
friendship=友情  the elevator=エレベーター  faithful=忠実な
By the way, =ところで  at 60's =60代の  exactly=まさに
like〜=〜のような  Especially=特に  cheek=頬  same=同じ
the dog and which one was the woman=どちらが犬か人か
realized something=あることが分かった(realize=〜を悟る)
the same face =同じ顔、似ている  each other =お互い
look like〜 =〜のように見える  live and think =生活と考え
the same wave length=同じ波長  true=真実 
If that is true, =もしそうだとすると)  a bulldog=ブルドッグ
have to〜 =〜が必要  careful=注意