Oh ! my God story NO. 21
Yasuto Nishitani

What are they doing ?

There are things in New York city that I don't understand.
I see a man on the street who is sitting on a chair as I walk in the city.
They are not doing anything.
They are only sitting.
If they are beggars, they would have a can for begging.
But they are different.

They are there in hot summer and cold winter.
I'm surprised that they are there all night.
I will see them in every block.

Who are they?
I finally understood who they are.
They are sitting in front of a supermarket or a store.
They are security guards for a store to watch out for stealing.

The supermarket in NYC which opens all night
 may be paying more for security guards than their sales.

Oh ! my God.

What are they doing ?=彼らは何してるの?(彼らは何者?)
thing=事  beggar=乞食  a can =缶  begging=物乞い
different=異なる  surprise=驚く  block=区画  finally=遂に、とうとう
in front of =〜の入り口外  security guard=見張り  watch out =監視する
stealing.=盗み  paying =支払い   sales=売り上げ