Oh ! my God story NO. 20
Yasuto Nishitani


The mysterious performer


I said before that there are many performances in New York..
here are many kind of performances.

When I took subway the other day,
 I saw two black men got into the same train.
They started to sing right away.
They were good and had a wonderful harmony.
But you can tell from their shabby clothing that they are not popular.

They were walking around the seat with a hat while they were singing.
One out of three passengers put fifty cents or a dollar in the hat.


When I came back from Queens, I saw a man on a subway.
A beggar came into the car where I was sitting.
Then he suddenly sat on the floor and bowed deeply.
His eyes were vacant. He was probably taking drugs.

He didn't have any performances
 and only walked around the seats with a can.
But one out of three passengers gave him money.

Oh ! my God.

This beggar must be great because he can make money with his bowing.


The mysterious performer=妙な芸人  kind=種類  take subway=地下鉄に乗る
(地下鉄は、米:the Subway  英:the Tube パリ:the Metro です)
same train=同じ列車  get into =乗り込む   right away=いきなり
shabby clothing =使い古した(ヨレヨレの)服  while =間
one out of three  三つの内の一つ(3人の内の1人)    passenger=乗客 
A beggar =乞食  come into=入って来る  a car=車両(会話ではa carという事が多い)
suddenly=突然  bowed deeply=土下座をした  vacant=うつろ
probably=たぶん  taking drugs=薬(麻薬)を飲んでいる  with a can=缶を持って
must be great =大したもんだ  bowing=頭を下げる、お辞儀