Oh ! my God story NO.2
Yasuto Nishitani


There are many homeless people in New York.
When I came to New York from Japan, it was a surprise for me.
You will see them if you walk on the street for three minutes.

Their characteristic is to have a paper cup and make a noise with coins.
When I see them, I always have a question.
They are fat men and women. They are fatter than me and they can speak English.

I think they have a strong body because they can sleep outside in winter.
They can eat food from garbage.

By the way,  American people often give money for the homeless.
I think one of ten American people give money.
When they see a paper cup, they give money.
It just looks like a dog of Pavlov.

I heard a story from my friend some time ago.
Her boyfriend was talking with his friend on the street.
He had a paper cup of coffee.
Then he heard a sound in his paper cup.

Someone threw coins in his cup.
Oh ! my God. 

   August. 5. 2002.

homeless = 乞食   garbage = ゴミ箱