Oh ! my God story NO.19
Yasuto Nishitani


                    Everything is expensive in New York

Recently, I feel everything has become expensive in New York.
For example,
 the price for my apartment went up two hundred dollars in two years.
My apartment is never so big.
But the price will go up two hundred in one year.

The other day, one of my woman friend moved
 from a two thousand five hundred dollar room
 to a one thousand five hundred dollar room.
My other friend who went to see her new room said,
 "It's unbelievably small."

Japan is deflation. 
So the prices are falling down.
But New York is inflation.
So the prices are going up.
She talks about the sandwich that she always gets.
She pays the same price but the contents are getting smaller.
She also talks about the cafe she often goes.
The place was good
 because it was not expensive and the food was delicious.
But recently she was surprised because she saw the small dish.

She kept talking.
"I have lived in New York for a long time.
But this is the first time."
"Everything was big in America and I always loved that."

Oh ! my God.

Many people are losing heart because the New York price is too high.


expensive=高価な  Recently=最近  For example=例えば
two hundred dollars =200ドル(約2万4千円) move=引越しする
a two thousand five hundred dollar room=2500ドルの部屋
went=goの過去、行った  unbelievably=信じられない
deflation=デフレ  inflation=インフレ  content=中身
also =〜もまた  kept talking.=続けて言った  the first time=はじめて  l
osing heart =ガッカリする