Oh ! my God story NO 18
Yasuto Nishitani

The street performer that is typical of New York

There is always a performance on the street in New York City.
From a musician to a circus mime, there are many different performers.
I am always surprised that everyone has a highly skilled technique.

They perform at subway stations,
on the busy streets or the entrance of parks.
The audience will give about one dollar if they like their performance.
About thirty percent of the audience will give a tip.

I often see an acrobatic performance of a group of six black people.
There will be a hundred people when it is at peak.
They play an amazing acrobatics with a rock music CD.
In fifteen minutes, when they reach the biggest audience,
it will be the
end of a performance.
Everybody gives a big hand.
Suddenly, a man with a hat comes to you for asking money.
Then people will scatter all over the places.
Oh ! my God.

typical of New York=ニューヨークの名物   performer =役者、芸人
a circus mime=サーカス芸人  skilled technique=上手なテクニック
subway =地下鉄  the entrance =入り口  the busy streets =繁華街
The audience =観客  black people=黒人  peak=ピーク
amazing=驚くばかりの  acrobatic=曲芸  reach=行き着く、到着
a big hand=拍手喝采  for asking money=チップ伺いに  
Then=その時  scatter=散らばる   all over the places=四方八方に