Oh ! my God story NO. 16
Yasuto Nishitani

  The thing that I dislike most

Today, I'll talk about the thing I dislike most in America.
It comes in winter.
That is the static electricity.
We experience the static electricity in Japan.
But it is terribly bad in America.
I think that the static electricity in America
is ten times stronger than in Japan.

Every time you touch something, it makes a big noise and a spark.
Whatever you touch, you get a shock from it.
So I'm afraid to touch anything.
You may not believe but you get a static electricity shock
when you
touch the water in a bath tub or the tap water from a faucet.
The air is very dry all over America.
Not only things but also people are dry.
I also receive a shock when I touch a hand in my reading.
The other day, I got a spark when I gave a kiss.
Oh ! my God
Hey Mr. Static Electricity, are you jealous?

dislike=嫌い  the static electricity=静電気  terribly=ひどい
believe=信じる  a bath tub=浴槽  the tap water =流れる水
a faucet=水道の蛇口  Not only A but also B=Aだけでなく、Bもまた
also=もまた  jealous=嫉妬する