Oh ! my God story  NO.14
Yasuto Nishitani

American doors

American doors are very heavy.
This was my first impression when I came to America.
The front door and windows are very heavy.

Once you open the door, then you can't close it easily.
If you are not strong enough,

you can't only open my apartment door

but also you will be pushed back.
You will have a big problem

when you are carrying something in both hands.
It's a heavy work.

I asked my friend why.
He answered me that is because robbers can't run away.
But I think that robbers can come in whether the door is heavy or light.
Oh ! my God.
If the door is very heavy, the robber can go out,
  but I can't go out.

American doors =アメリカのドア  impression =印象
not only A but also B=AだけでなくBもまた  robber=ドロボー
run away=逃げる