Oh ! my God story No.‚P‚Q
Yasuto Nishitani

The thunder

The New York thunder is terrible.
That power will be about ten times bigger than Japanese thunder.
I was very surprised when I first experienced it in New York.

That looks like an air attack with a bomb.
Outside looks like afternoon even at night and a big sound follows.
Later, ambulances start running.

That is one set.

Dogs are afraid of thunders.
A dog will run around if you don't hug him.

I started to hear a thunder from this evening.
It's terrible.
Oh ! my GodB
It won't be enough even if you have many belly buttons

The thunder—‹@@terrible¦‚’@ bomb”š’e
air attack ‹σP@@ambulance ‹~‹}ŽΤ
belly buttons‚¨‚Φ‚»Bi‚±‚Μ‚¨• ‚Μƒ{ƒ^ƒ“‚Μ•ϋ‚ͺAnavel‚ζ‚θe‚΅‚έ‚β‚·‚’j