Oh ! My God Story No. 102

Which is correct, the Japanese way or the American way?

When you give something as a present,

 Japanese and Americans say things differently.
Japanese will say something like this,

 "This is nothing special, but please accept this."
American will say,

 "This is very delicious, please try some."
It's completely opposite.

Americans who don't understand the virtue ofJapanese modesty will say,
  "Why are you giving this, if it's not so good?"
How Americans think is very straightforward.

So you won't introduce your wife to an American by saying

 "This is my foolish wife".
Even if it's true.

When you're going to introduce your wife to an American,
 you'll say, "This is my lovely wife."
But please be careful not to bite your tongue

 because you're not used to say so.

Oh ! My God.

Which=どっちが  correct=正しい、真実   way=やり方、式
thing=事   differently=違う  like this=このように  
accept =受け取る  special=特別な
This is nothing special, but please accept this=これつまらないものですが、どうぞ  delicious=美味しい
This is very delicious, please try some=これ、美味しいですよ、どうぞ
completely=まったく、完全に   opposite=正反対の、逆の
understand=理解する  virtue=美徳   modesty=謙遜、控えめ   
straightforward=直接の、真っ直ぐな、単純   introduce =紹介する
my foolish wife=愚妻  Even if it's true=例えそれが真実であっても、である
my lovely wife=最愛の妻  careful=注意、用心深い
 be careful =注意しなさい
bite=〜を噛む  tongue=舌、した  not used to say =言い馴れない